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Have you tried other weight loss programs with little or no results? Weight Loss Direct Intelligence proprietary technology creates a completely unique protocol based on your current health conditions.

These customized food and supplement plans focus on wellness first and healthy weight loss as an amazing bonus. Weight Loss Direct provides the 24/7 support, 1-on-1 coaching accountability, and the detailed tracking that allows Weight Loss Direct to guarantee success. Learn more about how you can start your journey with one of the most effective weight loss programs.

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New Clients → Schedule a consultation with a supervising healthcare professional to discuss your own personal goals, pricing, and which of the WLD online weight loss programs is right for you.

Simply have more questions? Schedule a time to speak with one of our WLD wellness coaches who can answer any and all questions about our weight loss programs. All calls are 15 minutes in length.

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Based off your own personal wellness or weight loss goals & your consultation select from 1 of 4 personalized weight loss programs:
  • Classic Weight Loss
  • Classic “Mini” Weight Loss
  • WLD Unlimited
  • WLD Wellness
WLD offers up to 4 different payment options for each of the online weight loss programs.
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With your very own dedicated, personal wellness coach you will perform WLD Intelligence Analysis; WLD’s proprietary software application that analyzes the body based on past and current health conditions to specifically create a completely personalized foods list protocol and personalized supplement protocol using WLD best-in-class natural supplements.

Each program is unique to an individuals wellness and weight loss needs.


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A few days later, your personalized WLD kit including your WLD BCA scale, personalized program information, and all personalized supplements arrives at your door.

Contact your coach and start right away or choose a future date that is convenient for you.

All appointments are performed virtual remote.

We offer monthly payment options with initial down payment or TREMENDOUS SAVINGS with upfront, one-time payment.
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Personalized Weight Loss Programs Make a Difference.

Finally, personalized weight loss programs that are designed specifically for you.

While being guided by your own personal wellness coach all in the convenience of your home, your WLD custom weight loss plan is the solution.

It’s all about convenience and results.


Our Certified Studies & Trials

• Overview of the results of the prospective case study
• IRB-Approved Blinded Randomized Placebo Controlled Trial
• The first Wellness & Weight Loss Program to receive Level 2 STRONGSCIENCE®