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Weight Loss Direct Reviews

This program is great and effective for all of your health needs... I have done the diet before but gained some weight back due to an injury at work and the meds I was given. This time was just as good, I lost 35lbs in 40 days and I'm maintaining my weight in the second phase. I highly recommend this diet for all.

Greg Hidalgo Avatar
Greg Hidalgo

I am forever grateful for what I learned in this program. Truly and literally, a life changer!! It gave me my health back and energy that I never knew was possible!! I completely recommend this program to anyone who wants to invest in their health and future!!

Marilynn Majors Avatar
Marilynn Majors

I cannot say enough good things about Weight Loss Direct. I have lost over 30 pounds and maintained it. Dr. Ray has taught me how to have power over my own life. How to eat the right foods for my body to help me maintain the weight loss I worked so hard on. I am able to live my life and have the tools to keep me on the right track. It has been almost 3 years and I love my life! I can keep up with my kiddo, eat out, vacation and enjoy my life and I still have my weekly check in with Samantha Lynne to keep me focused. It is an excellent program for those who can't or do not want to go to an office every week or two. You can do this 100% remotely but still have the support you need to succeed. I LOVE THIS PROGRAM and will shout it from the roof tops!!

Jennifer Buswell Avatar
Jennifer Buswell

RESULTS ! Fantastic supplements !
Real food ! Life Changing !
Outstanding Wonderful coaches
(Samantha Lynn) Is the best !
She is (always there) with ENCOURAGING
Simplified Solutions and Suggestions.
She has the ability to ignite enthusiasm
with her answers.
Innovative insight with problem solving.
She will be your best friend !
Thank you Samantha Lynn ♥️

Donna Leonard Avatar
Donna Leonard

I lost 25lbsIn 45 DaysHave been maintaining for over 30 days.Weight Loss Direct is an amazing program! You get rapid results that are so encouraging as you achieve daily successes. I am so excited to continue this for life and I have a plan to share with you that you may find useful.Now that I’ve reached my goal.I plan to reset again and do a 20 day Program every January of every year to guarantee maintaining and cleansing in the beginning of each year.The real discipline is maintaining. I believe as I continue in this journey with Weight Loss Direct I look forward to continuing a healthier more energetic lifestyle.Emilio Co-Founder Izzazu Haircare & Salons

Emilio Cornacchione Avatar
Emilio Cornacchione

So easy to follow and putting foods back in to your daily diet gradually helps so much to find out what your real triggers are.

Cheri Galli Avatar
Cheri Galli

I have never requested info. I have unsubscribed to emails 3 times. Even spoke with a representative about it. STILL GETTING EMAILS?

Janette Brock Avatar
Janette Brock


Lulu Couture Avatar
Lulu Couture

Love this program and the staff at the corporate office was fantastic to work with. This program really works and my coach Samantha Lynne made it easy to follow and helped me every step of the way. Completely worth the investment.

Kris Anderson Avatar
Kris Anderson

Once I got into my 50s, I started putting on weight and my metabolism came to screeching halt. I kept thinking I still looked okay until one day I saw a picture of myself and knew something had to change. I have tried lots of diets over the years, but it was slow coming off. I saw NutriMost advertised with a 20 lb guarantee in 40 days and thought I can do anything for 40 days. I joined up and followed the program faithfully and the weight came off fast. I actually looked forward to weighing myself every day. The accountability and the support group keeps you on track. I now know my body has changed and I have to eat differently than I did when I was younger. I love this program and highly recommend it.

Teresa Turner Avatar
Teresa Turner

I just completed my 40 day program. I feel great and am able to wear all my skinny clothes again. I’m gonna need a whole new wardrobe. Love it!

Christine Attanucci Avatar
Christine Attanucci

I’ve been a client for less then a month and already achieved my target weight. The program is very easy to follow and I love how it is customized to your body shape. I’ll be a client for life!

Cesare ulrich Avatar
Cesare ulrich

Best program ever. My whole family did it and it works. We lost weight and learned what to eat and how to keep it off.

Shirley Delia Avatar
Shirley Delia

Weight Loss Direct changed my life. I lost 23 pounds in 32 days and am maintaining perfectly. I can’t believe how easy the program is- I am so busy and need everything mapped out to an absolute tee. They wrote me a food guide, a supplement guide, and my wellness coach was available to text/call 24/7 with any questions. My husband did the program with me and lost almost 30! We are still amazed and owe everything to WLD.

Kelly Dzanaj Avatar
Kelly Dzanaj

Simply the best permanent solution for weight loss. Most "diets" sacrifice nutrition. Many overweight people are actually suffering from malnutrition. Supplements are lacking in today's food with GMOs. Take you health seriously and get a free assessment. My friend just lost 43 pounds, the healthy way!

Rick Edwards Avatar
Rick Edwards

I have been a member since 2013 have successfully completed the program and maintained a significant loss. I love the products, the way I feel mentally, physically, and emotionally. I keep coming back every year to maintain.

KayeRon Alexander Avatar
KayeRon Alexander

it is very good programme and you can see the results within 40 days

Shaila Wilmu Avatar
Shaila Wilmu

The Nutrimost program is amazing! It takes all of the guess work out of dieting! You will get a personalized roadmap to success with Customized food lists, personalized supplements and affirmations. You will be amazed how your tastebuds and cravings change. You will NOT be hungry. You will not be eating pre-packaged chemical laden junk. You will be eating REAL delicious organic fruits, vegetables and proteins you prepare yourself. You have so much encouragement and support! You get your own coach to mentor and encourage you along the way. This program teaches you how to maintain your life style changes. I am so excited that with Weight Loss Direct powered by Nutrimost you can now do this program entirely from your home. You will loose a lot of weight with this program, but you will gain so much more in health. Words can't even begin to describe how thankful I am that I found this program. Nutrimost saved my life. I recommend the program to everyone I know struggling with weight loss or a stubborn health issue simply because IT WORKS!

Dianne Burkhart Kunkel Avatar
Dianne Burkhart Kunkel

“By day 5 or 6, my head was clear, I had no cravings, and felt great. They gave me all the tools to persevere and make my goal achievable.  Most of the days on this plan I couldn’t believe I was being this successful for so long.”

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