When it comes to weight loss there are a lot of pressures and temptations that can throw off your plans. From a daily commute past your favorite fast food joint to a shopping trip while you are hungry there are lots of things that can hurt your success.

A diet is easier said than done and it can feel like bitter work when you feel like you’re alone or missing out on enjoyable things in life – especially things that other people around you get to enjoy.

At Weight Loss Direct we understand these temptations and we have found that nothing can help you perform as consistently as having somebody to hold you accountable.

In this article we will be discussing 4 benefits of having an accountability partner and how it can help you achieve your weight loss goals.


4 main benefits to finding an accountability buddy


1.They can provide accountability

Having a partner in crime… or weight loss allows us to be more successful in reaching our weight loss goals.

One study showed that people who enroll in weight loss programs with a friend had a higher success rate of meeting their weight loss goals and keeping the weight off six months after stopping their program. In contrast to this only a quarter of the tests participants achieved similar success when enrolling on their own.

Having a friend or someone to talk to can make a big difference when trying to lose weight. It can sometimes be difficult to do something for yourself but most people find it motiving to do something for somebody else. When you are being held accountable to another person there is an increased sense of responsibility.

Accountability also works a lot better when its someone that you frequently communicate with. For this a doctor or counselor can work well but having a friend or partner as your accountability partner is best. Having an accountability partner with similar habits means you are more likely to spend free time with them which is when most people are most tempted.


2.They can provide companionship

Accountability buddies can be even more impactful when you are working toward the same goal. When you feel overwhelmed or feel alone it can be especially difficult to stick with your diet or any other goals you have set. If you have someone going through the same thing as you it becomes less demanding to stick to your plan.

The idea of companionship when working towards a goal isn’t a new one. From group therapy to sports teams to basic training in the military having a someone else working with you has been used to help motivate people for decades.

Knowing that you aren’t alone in your goals or your struggles makes a big difference. Several studies have found that working toward something difficult as a group not only works as a significant motivator but it strengthens group bonds at the same time.


3.Accountability can help provide feedback

Similar to a feeling companionship its important to have someone that’s able to provide feedback.

A good accountability partner knows what you have been striving towards and can give you relevant feedback towards your efforts.

When you have someone giving you accurate feedback it’s easier to see mistakes and fix them.

Getting constant feedback from someone and reevaluating your plan can also help you figure out why you are becoming healthier. When you find your “WHY” to becoming healthier it helps to stay disciplined and incorporate healthier habits . Knowing your WHY is also a HUGE step towards reaching your goals!


4.Someone to celebrate with when you both reach your goals

Weight loss is a big deal and its important to have someone to celebrate with when you reach your goals!

It can be hard to get excited for something by yourself. Having another person to share in your goals and work towards the same thing makes it that much better when you finally get there.

Its also important to remember that people lose weight at different rates. Having someone there to challenge you can make losing weight fun and help keep you accountable at the same time.

Any seasoned “dieter” knows that weight loss success is majority mind over matter so having a way to celebrate can really help!


The Takeaway:

Dieting can be hard. People can lose motivation or fall to temptation when left to their own devices. Bringing someone else into the mix can add an element of accountability and so much more!

From a sense of shared hardship to adding an element of fun to your weight loss bring a friend along can make all the difference. It’s best to pick someone with similar habits so they know what you are up to and the more communication the better!

When you have a partner along for the ride to support you – you have someone who will catch you before you fall – resulting in success, weight loss, and a happier, healthier life.


As always, Weight Loss Direct is dedicated to helping its community make real and effective changes after every article we post. We understand this piece of the puzzle and how important it is towards ultimate success. Each WLD client meets with an assigned WLD wellness coach that helps to hold them accountable towards reaching their weekly weight loss goals. Additionally, Weight Loss Direct also has a whole online community of WLD Warriors supporting one another and helping each other reach their goals.

These elements of support and accountability are KEY pillars to the WLD program – we understand how important it is to overall success.