Weight loss trials

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Choosing a Weight Loss Program?

Ask Yourself These Six Weight Loss Questions:
Have there been any studies completed?

–  Many companies make very enticing claims, but fail to provide anything to back them up! Always ask if the program has an Institutional Review Board approved, double-blind randomized placebo, controlled trial.

Is the Program Safe?

– Are there any studies or certifications showing that the program has been reviewed and certified safe?

“ Cookie Cutter” or “One Size Fits All “Programs DO NOT WORK!

Ask if the program is personalized to your unique individual needs and requirements– Does the program create Personalized Food Lists?

– Does the program utilize personalized supportive nutritional supplements?

Does the program utilize natural, whole foods and whole food nutritional supplements?
How safe is the program? Does it require shots or Surgery?

– No Prepackaged Food

– No Binders, Preservatives

Do it Yourself programs DON’T WORK!

Does your program provide Personal Coaching & Resources so that you are never alone?

– Access to a personal Coach

 – 24 Hour Virtual Intelligent text coaching and advanced email support

– Member only Client Portal that has  an abundance of resources and support

Does the program protect YOU the consumer with a Consumer Guarantee?

 What assurances come with such an important decision?


*See Disclaimer

Overview of the RESULTS of the Prospective Case Study:

  • The top 10% lost over 33.5 pounds in 40 days with an average of 39.6 pounds lost
  • The majority of participants lost over 20 pounds in 40 days

Overview of the IRB Approved Blinded Randomized Placebo Controlled Trial

  • This RCT was for a non-personalized Weight Loss Direct program. Weight Loss Direct utilizes the underlying Weight Loss Direct program as the foundation but then adds to the program with personalized foods, supplements, client portal and other resources as well as personal coaching.
  • The RCT showed that the program safely and effectively affected weight loss.
  • The Active group lost approximately twice as much weight as the controlled group.
  • This was a fairly small sample size with the top 10% losing an average of 24.25 pounds

As discussed in the chart below, there are a number of reasons that the Prospective Case Study results were better than the Randomized Control Trial Randomized .


To demonstrate the efficacy of the weight loss direct program we commissioned both an Institutional Review Board approved Blinded Randomized Placebo Controlled Trial and a Prospective Case Study.

The chart below is an explanation of the difference of the 2 types of Clinical Trials that were done for the Weight Loss Direct Program with the Advantages and Disadvantages listed.