Like many others, you might come across the term “super greens” or green powders when doing health research. They are not quite in the limelight like other trendy health terms, but super greens are pretty common, they just aren’t commonly explained.

From a general perspective, green powders seem to be the epitome of health. We think green, we think health, so it makes sense that a blend of green veggies and grasses dried and ground into a fine powder could be very healthy. However, with so many items in the health, wellness, and weight loss industry, its always best to do your research before putting anything into your body.

So what are “super greens” or green powders and are they really one of the health industry’s ultimate healthy products?


What are super greens?

Like a lot of health trends and supplements, super greens or green powders can be a little confusing when you first hear or read about them. So when people begin to talk about green powders what are they really talking about?

Generally speaking, they are a dietary supplement that’s comprised of 25+ ingredients. These ingredients can range anywhere from leafy greens to seaweeds to mushrooms and natural herbs. As long as its healthy and natural it can find its way into super greens.

Once selected, these ingredients are dehydrated and ground into a fine green powder that can be mixed into your drink or added to foods for a healthy boost.

The actual health benefits of super greens is highly dependent on what ingredients go into them and how they are made but almost all of them are vegan, just check the product label to be sure. Additionally they tend to be very low in calories compared to how high they are in nutritional value.


Why should people consider super greens?

Green powders are becoming more popular, but are they really worth adding to your diet?

The short answer is yes. Green powders are an excellent way to get essential nutrients and minerals into your diet. This is especially true for people that have a hard time getting actual veggies into their diets on a regular basis. Additionally, when our bodies are being supported through nutrition it often becomes easier to achieve other goals such as weight loss.

It may not come as a surprise, but plenty of data has shown that most adults consume far too few fruits and vegetable on a day to day basis. Overall, 12.2% of adults meet the recommended level of fruit intake and only 9.3% are eating the recommended daily amount of vegetables. (1)

Its important to eat healthy and super greens make it much easier and far more convenient to get vitamins and minerals into your diet. Getting healthy amounts of vitamins and minerals helps you reduce the risk for diet-related diseases like cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, some cancers, and obesity.

Some super greens can also be used as meal replacements which helps cut other potentially unhealthy foods out of your diet.


Are all super greens the same?

We know that super greens are healthy, but that doesn’t mean much when it comes to actually finding them. The market can become so inundated with new products that it’s important to understand that all greens powders are not the same. However, by knowing your needs and doing some simple product research its pretty easy to know what to look for.

Depending on what you want in your super greens you should be able to find something that just right.

Some of the varying factors to consider when picking a super green include:

Nutrients: When you are choosing a greens powder you always want to start by lookin at the nutrition label. You should start by checking to make sure the powder contains the vitamins and minerals you are looking for. Its also important to consider serving size, calories per serving, and any added sugars. Some greens may have just what you are looking for but if they require using a lot of powder at a very high price it may not be worth it. Some greens can also have too much sugar which might significantly reduce the healthy benefits.

Additives: Some green powders are made of just dried and powdered vegetables. These powders are only intended to fit more vegetables into your diet but there are other options as well. Some greens powders have added products like proteins, probiotics, or sugars. If you are looking for a way to increase your protein or you are getting tired of taking multiple specific supplements a green powder with multiple additives may be able to help with that.

Taste: Taste may be ignored by health extremists but that doesn’t mean everyone should sacrifice flavor for health. Most greens powders are designed to be added to protein shakes or healthy smoothies but those don’t always mask a bad taste. You may have to try a few different powders before you land on one that tastes good but checking reviews before you buy is always a great way to gauge flavor.

Labeling and Sourcing: Labeling and sourcing are also important when picking a super green. Products that are organic, openly provide information on sourcing of ingredients, and have third-party certifications are always your best option. Its also important to remember that not all health products and companies are held accountable. If a company tries to offer a cure-all powder that will fix all your problems it is probably best to stay away.

Overall greens powders are an excellent way to avoid nutritional deficiencies when you cant get enough fruits or vegetables. In some cases they are even less expensive than the real fruits and vegetables would be.

However, it is important to note that not everyone can eat green powders. Some greens powders should not be eaten by breastfeeding women, young children, or people taking specific medications. Powders that lead to health complications generally contain high concentrations of herbs and extracts that can pose risks to people health. Because of this its important to read the label before you try anything and talk with your doctor if you are unsure about a specific powder.


Are super greens better than eating veggies?

Eating real fruits and veggies will always be the best way to achieve a balanced diet and/or help you reach weight loss and wellness goals. However, if you you have a hard time getting them into your diet it’s not a bad idea to begin supplementing your diet with super greens.


How to incorporate super greens in the diet?

There are tons of ways to incorporate super greens into your diet but the most common to add it to juice, water, or a smoothie. They don’t typically taste great by themselves so blending with protein powders, other fruits, and juices will make these ultra healthy powders more palatable. Just make sure you don’t add too much sugar.



Moral of the story – eat your vegetables, but when you have trouble meeting the daily intake requirements – super greens are a great help to keep healthy.

We’re always looking for the next best quick health fix, but back to basics is really the best answer. Getting the proper amounts of fruits and veggies is easily the best way to keep a balanced diet, but understandably its not always easy.

With the right research you can find alternate options like green powder supplements to help you reach your goal and upkeep a healthy life.

At WLD we give the stamp of approval for super greens and we even include them in our own LeanMost Whey Protein to make it a truly comprehensive meal replacement option.