1. Measuring cups and spoons
2. Food scale
3. A food processor
4. A multifunctional cooker

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Meal prepping is a must for weight loss: the planning it involves makes it easier to stick to your dieting program and achieve your desired results. Our post “Stress Eating, Holiday Weight Gain, and 11 Tips To Take Control” mentions how meal prepping ultimately simplifies your life. You don’t have to stress out about what to eat or how many calories you consume when you prepare your meals. This helps you avoid overeating and ordering unhealthy foods, allowing you to reach your weight loss goals.

You can even take it a step further by using a few essential tools to make your weight loss meal prep easier and more efficient. Here are a few of them.

Measuring cups and spoons

Losing weight is a calculated process. It involves calorie deficit, so you need to follow exact food measurements in your nutrition plan. For this, you’ll need measuring cups and spoons for liquid and powdered ingredients.

The Pyrex measuring cups are a staple in many kitchens due to their durability.

However, keep in mind that there are two types of Pyrex, and you’ll need to choose between them based on your specific needs in the kitchen. Cups labeled with a lowercase “pyrex” are made from soda-lime glass, which isn’t heat resistant and can’t be used in microwaves or ovens.

Meanwhile, those labeled with an uppercase “PYREX” are made of the more durable and heat-resistant borosilicate glass. Look for this same durability in your measuring spoons. Those from Spring Chef are made with heavy-duty stainless steel. It even includes a leveler for better accuracy.

A food scale

While measuring cups and spoons are for liquids and powders, a food scale or kitchen scale is used for solid ingredients, including meat and vegetables. They’re helpful if you want to follow recipes with ingredients measured in grams or kilograms to a tee. A food scale is also beneficial when you don’t have measuring cups or spoons. Simply use a regular cup to measure a liquid or powder ingredient on the scale.

The Escali Primo digital scale is the most accurate one on the market. It measures your food perfectly no matter where it is on the scale. This is beneficial when you’re in a hurry; you don’t have to center the ingredients to get the correct measurements.

A food processor

Manually cutting, dicing, and grinding ingredients is very tedious. Doing this for lots of meats, vegetables, and fruits will take forever.

Food processors can help by automatically shredding, dicing, cutting, and grinding food to save you from spending minutes or hours at the cutting board. They can even blend ingredients and form them into a paste or sauce.

The Breville food processor, specifically the Sous Chef 16 Pro, has all the features you need thanks to its range of attachment blades. These include an S blade and a shredding disc, among many others. It also has a 16-cup capacity, making it suitable for meal prepping.

A multifunctional cooker

Aside from preparing ingredients, the cooking portion of meal prepping is time-consuming. This is especially true if you plan to prepare different meals to eat a week or more in advance. With a multifunctional cooker, you can prepare various ingredients in different ways.

Despite its name, a Cuckoo rice cooker can make more than just rice. Its CRP-P0609S Electric Heating Pressure Rice Cooker can also cook bread—perfect for multiple carbohydrate-based meals. It also has many settings, including cooking sticky rice and veggie rice.

Because it’s a pressure cooker, you can cook other meals like stews, soups, and meat-based recipes where you need to tenderize meat.

Finally, these have large capacities—perfect for making food in large quantities.

Meal prep for success!

Meal prepping is a must for successful weight loss. Use these tools in your next meal-prepping sessions for quicker and more efficient cooking! For similar articles, read our other posts here at Weight Loss Direct.




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