Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.

    – Viktor E. Frankl

It seems that all we hear about these days is about the flu and coronavirus.

We get to choose how we respond to the things happening around us and the one thing that we don’t want to do is to let our own fear and anxiety destroy us. Regardless of the health challenge that may be experienced, don’t let your own fear destroy you. In order for you or a loved one to get sick or catch a cold or flu, your immune system has to be weak.  In order for you or your loved one to get healthy, you must make the immune system stronger.

We need to put all things in perspective and realize that our bodies are wonderfully made with an amazing power that can overcome nearly any challenge. Since healing is an inside job, it’s essential to keep this amazing machinery called the body working and functioning optimally. I would like to share with you my opinion and a few strategies that you may wish to employ to help you boost your immune system. In addition to all of the things that you are hearing to do, I will also describe my favorite strategy in addition to prescribing to all of the other common strategies. Most of us know that the first thing that we want to do is to minimize our risk by washing our hands often, being sure to use social distancing by staying away from crowds as much as possible.

But one of the most important things that we can do is make sure that we don’t let our immune system get run down.

We need to eat healthy, get plenty of sleep, get sunshine often, reduce stress as much as possible, and do some grounding. In addition to this, we want to be prepared by keeping our immune system as strong as possible by eating a healthy diet of grass-fed or wild proteins, organic vegetables and organic fruit at each meal.

My favorite strategy that I incorporate in addition to the others is to utilize having an abundance of nucleotides available to assist the healing and repair process in the body.

For this reason, I always keep the product NucleoMost available in my home. I really think that every household in America should keep a bottle of nucleotides (NucleoMost) in their home.  The claim to fame for nucleotides such as in NucleoMost is that they are the building blocks for the cells. These are extremely important when the body is going through a repair process.

We have a nucleotide reserve in the liver, but the challenge is that most Americans have a very poor reserve. It’s thought that if you were not breast-fed, the reserve is typically even lower.  Human breast milk has the highest level of nucleotides. Those who cannot breast feed should use a nucleotide enriched formula, for nucleotides, like minerals are essential to the body and must be brought into the body from outside the body. But even those individuals who have an excellent reserve of nucleotides will deplete these very quickly when they experience stress to the immune system such as a cold, flu or other virus.

Once the immune system is under stress, such as a trauma, infection, surgery or other stresses, it quickly depletes the available nucleotides. The period of time required to build the nucleotide reserves influences the length of time to overcome from the health challenge. So during the cold and flu season, you definitely want to have nucleotides in your nutrition chest so that If you do start to come down with a cold, the flu, or another health challenge, you want to start taking these at the 1st sign anything is going on.  It is especially important to begin taking nucleotides (NucleoMost), the instant you begin to experience the very first symptom.

Research Studies show that T-Lymphocytes of the immune system have an unusual need for dietary nucleotides. Nucleotides may help your body’s immune response knock many of these health challenges out within one day. Wound healing time has also been shown to dramatically decrease with nucleotides.

I’ve personally seen a number of cases of this. In fact, one of my patients had a very difficult case of shingles and the patient had severe pain, the rash was severe and had had it for an extended period of time. I started her on the nucleotides, took pressure off the nervous system with chiropractic adjustments, and we did some cold laser treatment on the rash itself – in about three days we just knocked this thing right out.  She suffered with this for over a year and regardless of what she did, nothing that she did previously was helping her.  She was searching for help, and in just a few days, everything changed.

Research has shown that supplementing with nucleotides decreased the expression of symptoms and decreased the healing times of nearly all participants.

This makes sense when we understand that a virus has a single strand RNA of about 7,000 coiled nucleotides (although the Wuhan COVID-19 virus is much larger at 29,903 nucleotides), that once the virus enters the body, it begins replicating and damaging our bodies cells. The body needs an abundant and fresh source of nucleotides to help repair and rebuild the damaged tissue and damaged DNA to help end the effects of the infection.

It is important to give the body everything it needs to assist in strengthening the immune system, strengthen and build the T-Lymphocytes and enhance the body’s ability to fight infection, while rebuilding new tissue, and decreasing cellular aging.

That’s why I love NucleoMost, an unsurpassed nucleotide supplement and believe that everyone should have plenty available during the cold and flu season as well as times of increased stress to the body.

— Dr Ray Wisniewski, DC, CEO

Dr. Ray Wisniewski, is the founder of NutriMost Doctors, LLC and has been an actively practicing doctor of Chiropractic for over 37 years.