As cooler weather sets in so does the sneezing, the coughing, the headaches, the runny nose, and all of the unpleasantries of the common cold and the flu.

Have you ever stopped to really wonder WHY winter time is prime season for sickness?

Why we typically get the flu during winter:

  • Studies show that the rhinovirus & influenza virus both replicate & spread more easily in cooler and dryer air
  • When its cooler out, we stay indoors together more meaning closer and more constant contact with others, others that may be spreading their germs
  • When our bodies are cold, our blood vessels narrow to conserve heat, making it harder for our white blood cells to travel to source of viral infection
  • Less sunlight means less of the Vitamin D that turns on key peptides in our immune systems triggering an attack on microbial invaders


Consider these tips if you want to combat the common cold this season:

  • Keep it to yourself! Always cover your mouth with a clean tissue or elbow when coughing or sneezing
  • Choose healthier, Vitamin D-packed foods that boost your immune system (fatty fish, foods fortified with Vitamin D, cheese, eggs, mushrooms, and/or supplementation)
  • Keep body fat percentage at a healthy level as to avoid chronic inflammation which exhausts your body’s immune response and weakens it.
  • Stay hydrated and get adequate of sleep to keep your body at a high functioning defense.

BONUS TIP: Add more nucleotide-rich foods or supplementation to your diet. Nucleotides build DNA and your immune system is built from your DNA. When your immune cells rally to attack a virus more immune cells will need to be made, hence nucleotides! Studies show that nucleotides have been shown to reduce cold symptoms if taken at an earlier stage of infection.

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