Each season has its perks. Winter in all of its snowy glory and seasons tidings, Fall with the changing of the leaves, Spring’s beauty of blooming flowers, and Summer with its almost endless sunshine, warmth, and relaxed vibes. Summertime we all tend to hold near and dear, because it signifies beach vacations, freedom to do more outdoor actives, taking it easy, and just kind of doing what we want rather than what we have to do. It’s about breaking from our ridged schedules for our own sanity. Lately though…

In our fast-paced world and especially with our newly developed work-from-home lifestyles, we’re almost always “on” – going, going, going more often than not.  By allowing for less time to “turn off” and to enjoy the little things in life – were keeping stress levels high, making poor diet choices, and harming our overall health. Practicing self-care is important no matter the time of the year, but since we associate Summer with relaxation, we want to share one of Weight Loss Direct’s favorite healthy living tips to help keep you feeling fresh and fabulous while relaxing.

As we delve into the dog-days of summer there’s nothing better (we think) than to crumple up that looming, endless to-do list to go bask in the sun and enjoy a fresh, cool healthy snack. When you eat well you feel well and at Weight Loss Direct we like to snack on fruit, especially when the temperature rises above 75 degrees. Not only do we love fruits because they’re some of the best foods for weight loss, but because they help to nourish your body in other ways as well.

Fruits are great addition to a healthy routine, some do have more sugars than others. Know what to look for when choosing fresh fruit for snacking this Summer.


How to choose best fruits for weight loss and wellness:


  • Choose low sugar fruits. By choosing fruits lower in sugar you’re providing your body a steady flow of energy without causing blood sugar levels to spike. When blood sugar levels are high, insulin is then released to remove excess sugar in the blood and stores it as fat. With fruit in general you don’t need to worry all that much about it seriously spiking insulin levels but why not aim for lower sugar options? Low sugar fruits are typically lower in calories.


  • Choose fruits with high water content. We probably don’t need to lecture you on the importance of hydration, especially during summertime heat. When your cells lose water (you’re dehydrated) they’re also losing out on things like electrolytes and other important nutrients that will keep you feeling good. You’ll know if your dehydrated when your urine is a dark yellow, or maybe you’re not urinating at all, maybe you’re getting headaches, fatigued, and the list goes on. Just eat your water when you snack on fruits with high water content and you’ll feel right as rain.


  • Choose lower fat, lower calories, nutrient dense fruits. Have you hear the saying “less is more”? When you choose nutrient-packed, low calorie fruits you get to satisfy your snacking urges MORE, as well as fuel your body with nutrients it needs. For example, while coconuts and avocados are ultra healthy fruits, they are higher in fat content, hence calories. If snacking on calorie-dense fruits, just portion correctly or mix them up in a fruit salad with some lower calorie fruit options.


Check out these 8 low sugar fruits list below:

  1. Watermelon – sugar content per 100 grams contains around 6 grams of sugar
  2. Strawberries – sugar content per 100 grams contains around 5 grams of sugar
  3. Blueberries – sugar content per 100 grams contains around 10 grams of sugar
  4. Cantaloupe – sugar content per 100 grams contains around 8 grams of sugar
  5. Peaches – sugar content per 100 grams contains around 9 grams of sugar
  6. Oranges – sugar content per 100 grams contains around 9 grams of sugars
  7. Grapefruit – sugar content per 100 grams contains around 7 grams of sugar
  8. Blackberries – sugar content per 100 grams contains around 5 grams of sugar


Here’s how you can enjoy fruit as a healthy snack this Summer:



Summer is a stellar season that brings so many unique and nostalgic thoughts and feelings. While we strive to take it easy it’s important that you don’t let up in your health goals. You can have health and relaxation all in one and achieving both is going to ensure you have the best Summer ever! One way in which you can check off “health”, “relaxation”, and “self-care” while feeling indulgent satisfying your sweet tooth is by keeping healthy fresh snacks on hand – specifically fresh fruit!

In hot weather, theres no better time to enjoy nutrient-dense, water-filled snacking options to keep you cool, hydrated, and healthy. Treat yourself by treating your body to a healthier routine and make your snacking count this summer with healthier choices like fresh fruit. Not only are fruits some of the best foods for weight loss, but for your health and your sanity, take a break this Summer and snack on some fruit.